My Pocket Schedules

Client Name: SilverTree Technology
Completion Date: December 1, 2009

MyPocketSchedules gives you a digital way to replace all of your paper sports pocket schedules. Whether it’s youth, high school, college, professional, adult or intramural, you can follow all of your favorite sports teams in one app!

MyPocketSchedules is a community-based application. We give you a simple and unique way to enter your sports schedule in our web portal,, and download the schedule to your iPhone. Create a schedule for your children’s teams, your alma mater, and your favorite professional sports team!

The easy-to-use Home Page will show you all your games today, recent games and scores, and upcoming games. Keep your friends and family up-to-date on your children’s activities and coaches can keep their player’s parents up-to-date with practice schedules.

MyPocketSchedules is for the iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad.

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