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New Interactive Site

The release of SilverTree’s groundbreaking websites will be Feb. 9, 2009. SilverTree is releasing three new websites that will showcase the diversity of web development in today’s market.

SilverTree is proud to be at the leading edge of web development. will change the way businesses do websites by featuring a blend of functionality and entertainment. With real video, using the latest in Flash video technology and green screen filming, users find themselves intrigued to know what is around the next corner. This site talks to you, reacts to you and creates a cutting edge environment for visitors to learn about a business in a personal way.

Instead of going to “webpage’s,” users visit “rooms” within the company. Each room has its own information packed surprise just waiting to be uncovered. First, as you enter the reception area, you will be greeted by the receptionist. She will personally greet you, explain the site, and summarize what each room contains. In the services room you meet SilverTree’s president, Steven Smallwood, who welcomes you to learn more about SilverTree Interactive and explains a little about what services are offered, much in the same way he would sit down and have an initial consultation with you. To get more information and fill out a contact form, visitors can go to the rooftop. Users can also relax in the break room, play a round of darts and learn about SilverTree.

There are even hidden easter eggs around the site for visitors to find; everything from light switches and mute buttons to employees popping up to wave hello.

This site is a vision of where the web is going… personal, while keeping a fun and inviting environment for visitors to enjoy! will show another example of adding a small, personal touch to your site as a person actually walks out, greets you, and then spotlights a product for you to hear. This site adds a personal touch while keeping the website simple. is the base site for the SilverTree family of websites and explains all the products offered by our two divisions: SilverTree Interactive, and Network Monitoring (N-Control). Its simple, sleek design is attractive, easy to navigate and packed full of information to provide a complete understanding of SilverTree.

All three sites encompass a broad spectrum of web development capability. From simple and sleek to interactive and entertaining, websites are being taken to a whole new level. Get ready Tulsa; your own SilverTree Technology is forging a path of new technology.

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