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Announcing the Wild Brew iPhone App from SilverTree Technology

SilverTree has teamed up with the Sutton Avian Research Center to help visitors make the most of the annual Sutton Wild Brew event!

On July 27th from 5-8pm the Tulsa Expo Square’s Central Park Hall will morph into a beer mecca known as the Wild Brew 2013. This event will benefit the Sutton Center’s conservation and education efforts. It will feature over 50 local and international breweries, food from more than 25 Tulsa area restaurants, and live entertainment.

Our free Wild Brew app allows you to rate the beers and food directly from your iPhone. When you rate individual beers, breweries and restaurants the Wild Brew App will help you remember the ones you want to follow up with after the event. Visit: to download the app through the App Store and you’re on your way to an exciting evening of discovering new artisan beers, delicious food, and fun all while supporting a fantastic cause.

About SilverTree Technology
SilverTree is a full service Design and Development company providing services such as Web, Mobile and Application Development. A Tulsa based business started in 2001, SilverTree is led by founder and president Steven Smallwood. SilverTree works with companies of all size to create custom applications suited to specific business needs while also offering a host of other IT services. Contact us through our website or by phone, at 918-254-1122, to find out how SilverTree can take your company’s IT to the next level.

About Sutton Avian Research Center
The Sutton Avian Research Center was founded 30 years ago as a nonprofit focused on conservation of Oklahoma avian life through science and education. According to their mission statement, the Sutton Center aims to “protect natural resources and environments where birds live and breed.” Among the center’s accomplishments, the bald eagle has been re-established as a nesting bird in Oklahoma and other states resulting in the bird’s removal from the list of endangered and threatened wildlife in 2007. Through education programs including the Bald Eagle Nest Camera, the center is providing worldwide exposure for native Oklahoma species and their need for protection. You can find out more on their website:

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